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Latin Escape Classroom: Spring 2017 Attempt

Latin Escape Classroom: Spring 2017 Attempt

Last Spring I made my first attempt at a Latin class Escape Room. 

I made an outline of the "flow" of the Escape Room, then was able to modify it for all 6 different levels of Latin I taught. 

-They had to find the blacklight, which was hidden. This allowed them to read invisible ink throughout the activity

-They had to unlock an iPad with the clue "Founding year of Rome" (753). The iPad opened to Safari, which had Google Forms open. As they filled out the quiz, each correct answer provided a number. 

-They used those 3 numbers to open a locked box with vocab puzzles inside. There were also other vocab puzzle pieces hidden throughout the room which all had invisible ink written on them.

-The invisible ink was able to be read once the puzzles were all put together. There were instructions in invisible ink to translate Latin for a letter lock inside my closet door

-Inside that letter lock there was another locked box with digits that you decoded by a key and some MORE Latin 

-In THAT box there was another key to create the Roman numerals (and these keys were hidden throughout the room) for 3724 which opened the final iPad which seed them free from the Minotaur!


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